Press Release

LBFE partners with YW Inclusion Boston Program to advance DEI

August 12, 2021

It’s good to be seen … and by now you’ve hopefully seen our fresh new look and outlook to reimagine the future and envision how we bridge distances, span generations, break down barriers and replace loneliness with companionship in more ways than ever.

But the pandemic and recent events also showed us how vast and real those distances and barriers are — and how many people out there feel lonely, unseen and unheard.

With that we’re excited to share another BIG announcement about our future!

LBFE is partnering with the YW’s InclusiveBoston program to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Last year elevated the collective need for our country to address racism and practices that cause harm, even if unintentional, and like many organizations, LBFE pledged to do better.

As part of that commitment, this winter LBFE will continue our DEI journey and begin an engagement with the YW to implement a change management process to create and further the necessary cultural shift that will support inclusive policies and practices.

We look forward to updating you throughout this journey, and doing our part to listen, learn, SEE and include more perspectives through our work and mission.