Our Values

Who We Are Our Values

LBFE Boston is a nonprofit organization committed to ending isolation and loneliness among older adults living in public and affordable housing.

LBFE Boston's Values

  1. We are committed to community-based work that is equitable, asset-based, multilingual, culturally informed, and anti-ageist.  
  2. We cultivate and foster intergenerational friendships and connections that strengthen our communities and make a positive, lasting difference in mitigating loneliness and isolation.  
  3. We work together, across sectors and silos, to meet the needs of our community. 
  4. We are honest, transparent, accountable, and trustworthy to our stakeholders. 
  5. We observe, promote, and practice respect, dignity, and compassion throughout all levels of the organization and members of our community. 
  6. We recognize and value the contribution of our volunteers and program participants. 
  7. We respect and empower older and younger people, value diversity and are committed to equality. 
  8. We value an organizational culture of teamwork and collaboration, strive for excellence and continuous improvement, and embrace new perspectives and innovative ideas. 
  9. We promote continuous learning in our organization and invest in opportunities for growth to meet the evolving needs of our community. 
  10. We recognize each other’s perspectives and respond in a balanced, flexible, and open-minded way. 

LBFE Boston's Diversity Statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity are core values at LBFE Boston. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable culture for all employees, volunteers, board members, and program participants to learn, share, and engage with their community. We believe every individual in our organization’s unique lived experiences and perspectives contributes to our ability to understand and engage with our community, identify challenges and strengths, and pursue our mission to relieve loneliness and isolation.