Circle of Compassion

Circle of Compassion Circle of Compassion

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For questions about the Circle of Compassion, please contact :
Cynthia Wilkerson, Executive Director

Circle of Compassion

A caring group of individual donors, sponsors, and institutional funders, Circle of Compassion members take a leadership role in supporting our older friends and neighbors through financial contributions to the work and mission of LBFE Boston | Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly.

Membership levels are based on total financial contributions to LBFE within a given fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). Membership is renewable annually. Eligible contributions include outright gifts (check or online), transferred securities, matching gifts, Donor Advised Fund grants, and event sponsorships. Some in-kind donations may also count toward membership.

Progressive benefits include recognition via LBFE publications and website, exclusive Meet My Friend newsletters, and invitations to member events.

Circle of Compassion FY22

Philanthropist – $25,000+

The Boston Foundation
City of Boston
Cummings Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Tufts Health Plan

Benefactor – $10,000-$24,999

Boston Evening Clinic Foundation
Bushrod H. Cambell & Adah F. Hall Charity Fund
The Glynn Family Foundations, Inc.
Grimes King Foundation
Flavio & Juliana Litterio
Rosemary McAndrew & Bruce Hamilton
Robert & Christa Murray
Mr. Billy Pitman
Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust

Champion – $5,000-$9,999

Ms. Mary Louise Cavanaugh
Mr. Daniel Kelly
McKay Family Charity Fund
Northeastern University
Tania Phillips & Jeffrey Dover
Katherine Pierce Trust

Stratos Consulting
SVB Private
Richard E. Teller & Kathleen Rogers
Mrs. Julia Wengrovitz
Maralyn R. Wheeler & Amelia Charamba

Advocate – $2,500 – $4,999

Mr. Andrew Bass
Dr. Patricia Berger
Jean & Greg DeMayo
Ms. Jill Hartman
Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
McAndrew Risk Management
Laura McCord
Mr. Kevin McNamara
Ms. Diane Noel
Daniel & Nikki Shults

Confidante – $1,000-$2,499

Anne & Thomas Anninger
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
Peggy Blitz

Brookline Bank
E. Andrea Brox & John McCarthy
Ms. Susan Okie Bush
Russell Campanello & Betsey Yeats
Central Boston Elder Services
Ms. Sue Lonoff de Cuevas
Jill T. D’Arbeloff
Melinda T. D’Arbeloff
Judith Deveau
Brian Duckworth
Maureen & Joseph Geller
Ms. Sally A. Gibson
Dr. Kenneth Gorson
Robert & Elayne Hill
Tiffany Huynh
Carolyn Macedo
James & Mary McNamara Foundation
Ms. Kathleen Meehan
Mr. Jeffrey Neil
Mrs. Jeanne Rapacki

Yesim & Mark Richardson
Douglas & Judith Ryder
Robert & Judith St. John
Kristen Scudieri & Nicholas Mann
Seniors Helping Seniors
Robert Siefert & Maureen Shea-Siefert
Steven & Sandy Smith
Smith, Sullivan, & Brown, P.C.
Spada Law Group
Jennifer Stuckey
Ms. Darice G. Wareham
Samuel West
Ms. Linda White
Mr. Raymond Wiley

Companion – $500-$999

Mr. Constantine Alexander
Michael & Julie Bailit
Michael Barley
Ms. Dorothy Burstein

Cambridge Savings Charitable Foundation
Ms. Tina Caruso
Ms. Rita F. Fahy
Mr. Joseph M. Fallon
Kent French
Margaret & Robert Gibbons
Robert Guthrie
Pamela & Neil Hanson
Mr. Krishna Kandarpa
Marc & Phyllis Kirschner
Jane & Joe Lang
Mr. Andrew Lantz
Ms. Mary Leno
Ronald & Wanda Mourant
Paul Mullen & Patricia Hart
Ms. Patricia Murphy
Robert Pemberton, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Provost
Sarah Rothermel
Mary & Mark Sarlitto
Savannah Specialty Products

Fradin Silberstein Foundation
Mary Strachan & Nicholas Ward
Ms. Sher Vogel
The Well Coffee House
Ms. Mary Allen Wilkes