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We connect older adults and local students and offer social engagement opportunities, digital literacy, and creative arts classes. Generations enjoy activities together, share life experiences and skills, learn from one another, and grow mutually beneficial, joyful friendships.

We’re making a difference in the lives of older adults. Through our programs, we foster friendships, connect generations, and prevent social isolation and loneliness.

The need for social connectedness has never been greater. LBFE Boston offers social, digital literacy, and creative arts classes at no cost to residents of public/affordable senior buildings all year long. Here, they connect with local students, enjoy activities together, share life experiences and skills, and grow mutually beneficial, joyful intergenerational friendships.

Social isolation impacts all generations.

The US Surgeon General’s recent report on the lack of social connection tells us:

  • 1 in 3 US adults aged 45+ feel lonely
  • 26% & 29% increased risk for premature death and heart disease, respectively
  • 32% & 50% increased risk of stroke and developing dementia, respectively
  • Only 16% of Americans feel attached to their local community

LBFE has been working to prevent and relieve loneliness and isolation since 1979.

Older adults are especially affected by the lack of social connectedness. Some of the factors that make 117,000 older Bostonians (age 60+) vulnerable to isolation and loneliness include:

of older adults
live alone

live at or below
the poverty line

are linguistically

Connected generations thrive.

Young and old alike who build social connections and networks can boost their lifespan by 50 percent, and report

  1. An increased sense of purpose and well-being;
  2. Sharing experiences and skills;
  3. Feeling confident and appreciated, and
  4. Gaining stronger communities by combatting stereotypes and ageism.

Our 2022 impact by the numbers.

In concert with our community partners, LBFE Boston offers safe, inclusive spaces for diverse generations to connect and build meaningful relationships.

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older adult



college student

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Classes Offered in


and dialects

Hosted in almost


senior buildings


Older adult participants across all LBFE programs

60+ years old
  • 28% Asian American
  • 24% White
  • 22% Black
  • 6% LatinX
  • 60% Female
  • 40% Male

Student participants across all LBFE programs are

18-21 years old and many are multilingual international students
  • 38% Asian American
  • 49% White
  • 11% Black
  • 2% LatinX
  • 50% Female
  • 50% Male
"When 5:00 comes it’s like “what?! it’s over?!” I wish [the students] could stay longer! "
- Michelle
"It’s fun to start conversations and learn from the seniors"
- Gaetan
"I truly enjoy the students. I like hearing about them, and we all share our stories."
- Marion
"It’s beneficial, especially to that type of person that might not come out on their own to socialize. I might have been one of those people myself."
- Bob