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Boston Chapter of Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) & U.S. LBFE Network Partners Envisioning the Future of Service to Older Adults 

July 15, 2021

New logo introduced as part of nationwide efforts to strengthen U.S. network & envision the future of post-pandemic service to growing number of older adults experiencing isolation & loneliness.


Boston, MA– The Boston Chapter of Little Brothers — Friends of the Elderly (LBFE), and its five local non-profit partners in the U.S. LBFE Network, are proud to introduce a new network logo and announce nationwide, post-pandemic efforts underway to envision and strengthen the future of LBFE’s service network and commitment to relieving isolation and loneliness among older adults.

“LBFE Boston  is proud to introduce our new logo as we strengthen our mission and raise awareness around the growing number of older adults facing loneliness and isolation in Boston and around the country,” said Nikki Shults, Executive Director of the Boston Chapter of LBFE. “The pandemic created a global sense of empathy for the lonely and isolated and renewed our social contracts to take care of each other. As we come out of the pandemic we will harness this renewed commitment to our neighbors and create new ways to be together. We look forward to bringing our intergenerational programs in person again this fall and making spaces for older and younger adults to meet and build friendships. But we will also continue to improve access to technology for older adults to bridge the digital divide to support virtual connections from home.” 

For over 60 years, the U.S. LBFE Network has been unified in its core mission of supporting older adults experiencing isolation and loneliness, and recognizing the value in friendship. LBFE Boston and its network partners are excited to introduce a new logo as part of a national effort to raise awareness, and expand and adapt how it serves older adults facing isolation and loneliness in Boston and around the country.

The number of older adults experiencing isolation and loneliness and needing LBFE services continues to rise to unprecedented levels. Important public health and safety pandemic control measures have exacerbated the harmful impacts of loneliness and isolation on physical and mental health.  But these control measures have also helped to raise awareness around the importance of LBFE’s mission like never before, presenting opportunities to unite, adapt, innovate and expand LBFE’s impact.

  • 43% of seniors report feeling lonely on a regular basis.
  • There is a 45% increased risk of mortality in seniors who report feeling lonely.
  • Loneliness is more dangerous than obesity and as damaging to an individual’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The U.S. LBFE Network consists of six regional or local non-profit and volunteer-based chapters in Chicago (1959), Minneapolis / St. Paul (1971), Boston (1979), Upper Michigan (1982), Cincinnati (1997), San Francisco (1990), and an expansion site in New York City (2016). 


LBFE is a part of an international movement to relieve isolation and loneliness among the elderly. The US LBFE network is part of an international federation with partners across the globe. 

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