Press Release

LBFE Boston Launches New Digital Dividends Program

July 29, 2021

It’s good to be seen … and last weekend’s summer cookouts were full of emotion as we saw our older friends and volunteers in-person for the first time in 16 months!

There was so much to catch up on and celebrate — including our fresh new look and outlook to reimagine the future and envision how we bridge distances, span generations, break down barriers and replace loneliness with companionship in more ways than ever.

With that we’re excited to bring you another BIG announcement about our future!

LBFE is launching a NEW program: Digital Dividends! 

During the pandemic, we all learned how important it is for people of all ages to have online accessibility – whether for telehealth visits, requesting assistance, ordering groceries, or connecting with loved ones – we all need fast, reliable internet access. 

This Fall, over 100 older adults will enroll in LBFE’s Digital Dividends, a program to bridge the digital divide and provide tech access and training. Digital Dividends will bring college students to senior housing for a six-month deep dive into using technology and the internet. Participants will be given their own laptop and paid internet access for the duration of the program (along with assistance in setting up their own connection after graduation) and weekly student-led classes. 

In addition to learning an essential skill, participants will build relationships with our student volunteers and their neighbors who attend classes with them. At the conclusion of the program, LBFE will continue hosting intergenerational CitySites programs in these locations. 

In-person connections and companionship are vital, but the pandemic showed everyone how essential digital access really is — please DONATE TODAY to support Digital Dividends!