Meet My Friend, Alix

Meet My Friend, Alix

Posted on Dec. 08, 2022
Alix Han, Boston College PULSE Program
Student Team Leader

Hello! My name is Alix and I’m a current sophomore at Boston College studying Biochemistry with hopes to enter the medical field. In addition to school, I also enjoy cooking, rock climbing, and drawing!

The PULSE program at Boston College: which is a combination of theology, philosophy, and service; may seem out of place for a STEM major like myself, but I firmly believe that the lessons taught by the program are invaluable and applicable to any field. One of the most defining characteristics of PULSE is the service component. Boston College has partnered with numerous community partners with whom we choose to serve with.

I’m ecstatic to have been able to participate in LBFE’s Digital Dividends program. While I’m very confident in my technology skills, I also tend to be introverted. Participating as a team leader not only allowed me to offer my skills but to also develop my communication and relationship-building skills and have meaningful conversations with older adults.

Initially, taking on a leadership position was very daunting, but as I became more comfortable with the role, the results were very rewarding. Seeing the connections being built, not only between the volunteers and the older adults but between everyone made the struggles I had seem trivial.

Throughout my service, I was astounded at how things that I might consider unimportant made the world of older adults. In particular, while changing the desktop wallpaper of a computer doesn’t add any functionality, it makes the computer so much more personal and fun to use. A fond memory that I will continue to hold is when Beverly, an older adult at the Faneuil Gardens site, asked me if it was possible to change her desktop wallpaper to her cat Snowball who recently passed away. Being able to fulfill that request brought so much joy, and she immediately began recounting her memories with her beloved cat with me.

In the next semester, I strive to continue to grow both personally and professionally as a member of LBFE. In particular, I hope to continue to serve at the same sites and continue building my relationships with the current older adults that I serve with. I’ll also work towards fulfilling my role as a team leader and becoming someone that both the volunteers and older adults can rely on.