Meet My Friend, Christian

Meet My Friend, Christian

Posted on Oct. 30, 2023
Christian Heng, Boston College PULSE Program
Student Team Leader

I am a 22-year-old Sophomore part of Boston College’s PULSE Program which aims to educate its students about social injustice and equip them with the skills to address these issues in real-world organizations. Although I am a Computer Science Major, in addition to everything related to technology, coding, and computers, my hobbies also include, going to the Movies, Sports (particularly basketball), the military, Motorsport racing, trading cards, and taking walks at Land’s End in San Francisco, my hometown, with my three dogs and whoever else would like to come along.

While I was born in Singapore, I have lived in Boston, London, and San Francisco. However, moving so often has meant leaving family and friends behind, so I am thrilled to serve with LBFE. Living apart from my grandparents, grandaunts, and other relatives has left a family-sized hole throughout my life that I hope to fill through my time at LBFE!

My fascination with technology stemmed from my dad’s affinity and interest in the newest gadgets or apps that have come out over the course of my life. Having tech and computers integrated into my life since childhood makes me confident in my ability to help others understand how it can be used. In addition to tech permeating much of my personal and work experience allowing me to help others, I also believe I will be able to bring a sense of professionalism and caring leadership that I adopted throughout my two years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

As a Lieutenant in the Air Force, I was tasked with leading a six-man Ground Based Air Defence unit, and in peacetime, I was tasked with instructing adults in the Military reserves returning for their refresher training. Given authority over others who were even twice my age meant I learned leadership was about making hard decisions and caring for others around you, rather than any glory associated with the role. As an LBFE Team Leader, I hope to utilize these skills, to improve the experience of both the volunteers and participants through patience and the willingness to go that extra mile to help another person.

As the world gets more complex, accessibility to technology diminishes. As a CS major aspiring to work in the tech space, I hope to gain valuable knowledge on how I can make technology approachable for people of all ages. When used correctly, technology is a gift that keeps on giving, and it is my mission to help people experience its wonders by teaching others how to use it.