Meet Our Friends – Barasa Never Too Late to Learn!

Meet Our Friends – Barasa Never Too Late to Learn!

Posted on Mar. 02, 2022

Barasa is originally from Kenya and has been in Boston for 20 years. He retired from being an attendant in a parking garage where he enjoyed meeting many different people. Engaging and friendly, he’s excellent at greeting people. Barasa lives on his own in Mission Hill, has a brother he sees from time to time south of the city, and has gotten to know people involved with his neighborhood senior center. He is grateful for his new LBFE Digital Dividends class.

He always arrives with a big smile and early to Digital Dividends. Barasa explains how it’s an exciting opportunity for him. “Truly, I’m grateful. I had never really seen computers personally before. I never needed them for my work, and didn’t have one of my own. They weren’t a part of my life, but, more and more, they’re everywhere in society. I like that now I’m learning, and I need to learn more. It’s important to be part of the world.”

Digital Dividends is also helping Barasa make plans. He loves reading and for years has been collecting books, especially medical books, history, the US Civil War, and the World Wars. “Even at Goodwill, I’ve found some books that have been signed. I can let other people have them now. I’m excited to learn the computers, so maybe can sell them on Ebay.” He’s also looking forward to learning how to Zoom to connect to family and friends who are far away.

“Could class be ½ hour more, please?” he once asked at his Digital Dividends class. “We need to learn new technology to communicate because this is how the world is, and this is what we need to know. Thank you for helping me learn.”

This Christmas Barasa sent a thank you card to LBFE, listing each staff member and intern by name, simply saying “Thank you for your wonderful program.” While the card was addressed to the home office – the sentiment belongs to all of us, the whole LBFE Family. Thank you Circle of Compassion donors for leading the way in helping our older friends like Basara.