My First Thanksgiving

My First Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov. 30, 2017

I am Simon, and I love Thanksgiving! This year I celebrated the amazing holiday for the first time in my life. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to support and attend the Thanksgiving party in the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor Hotel organized by Little Brothers- Friends of the Elderly.

We partied with over 150 seniors and filled up the dancing floor. I was impressed that most of the elders wanted to dance– and then was even more impressed by their dancing skills! The traditional Thanksgiving meal contained turkey, sweet potatoes, peas, mashed potatoes, roasted ham, and a lot of more delicious things. To be honest I passed on the dessert to eat two big plates of the great lunch.

The music and atmosphere were awesome too. You could see the happiness in the face of the people. Everyone knew the song “Cha Cha Slide” by heart. After this experience I am a fan of Thanksgiving because every American can celebrate this holiday independent from their religion. Furthermore nobody have to worry about buying presents! Everyone is happy when they get together with their family or friends for great conversations, games, and a huge meal.


Simon is one of LBFE’s Volunteer Program Assistants from Germany. He received his undergraduate degree in 2017 and has now committed to serving 40 hours a week with us in Boston through the voluntary organization, World Horizon. Simon is a key volunteer leader in the CitySites program and assists with other major programs like our holiday celebrations and the Friendship & Flowers program.